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Postgraduate Study

All teachers and staff within the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese are encouraged to undertake professional development throughout their career to further their education and improve career prospects.

If you are considering a role in senior leadership, see Accreditation to Work, Teach and Lead to find out about the academic and faith formation qualifications required to work, teach and lead in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

Financial Support Offered by the r

The r currently remunerates one-half (50%) of Accreditation to Teach Religion and Accreditation for Senior Leadership course fees for students who are undertaking approved courses of study in RE/Theology/Catholic Leadership and who are permanently employed part time or full time in diocesan schools.

Staff who have been permanently employed full time by the r for at least 12 months who undertake other postgraduate study courses can receive fee assistance and study leave to complete study requirements, subject to r approval.

All programs of postgraduate study will be considered for financial support. Financial assistance will not be provided for postgraduate study if you have not advised the r prior to commencing your study program.

Applicants must seek approval for financial assistance prior to commencement of study by completing the Postgraduate Study Financial Assistance Application Form. This will enable the r to offer advice on your planned program of study and approve your eligibility to claim for reimbursement of fees and study leave.

The r will contact you to advise if your application has been successful.

If approval to study is granted, applicants are eligible to apply for study leave of one day per unit per semester. Study leave must be taken in the semester of study and should not be accumulated. Some casual release is provided for those undertaking accreditation modules in Categories A to C – find out more here.

To claim reimbursement, staff will need to submit a copy of their transcript and receipt of payment of fees after successful completion of each unit.

Please note:

  • Claims for reimbursement must be submitted within 2 years of completion of study.
  • The r will only provide fee financial assistance for up to 12 units of postgraduate study per person.

Please contact The Assistant Head of Catholic Schools for further information about postgraduate study by emailing enrolments@mn.catholic.edu.au.