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The Higher School Certificate

The desired outcome of the Higher School Certificate (HSC) is to leave each student in a position to take the next meaningful step in their lives, in terms of training and careers. Secondary schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle are certainly achieving this, preparing students whose attitudes and aptitudes vary enormously, for work, for the community and for life.

The Higher School Certificate is a locally, nationally and internationally recognised qualification for students who successfully complete secondary education in NSW. The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) website outlines that students “will receive an HSC Course Report for each course they complete which will describe their level of achievement as well as the standards reached by other students in the course. The syllabuses makes it clear to everyone just what students are expected to learn and be able to do in each course by the end of Year 12”.

Completing the Higher School Certificate requires focus and a commitment to learning about each subject area, recognising the benefits that come with investing in time to study. Catholic schools support students, especially the less academically able, to attain their ‘personal best’.

Dual Accreditation - Gaining your HSC and a Trade Certificate while at school

A feature of senior studies these days is the huge variety of subjects on offer. English and Mathematics, Economics and Physics are familiar to all, but an evolving curriculum also offers Metals and Engineering, Automotive Studies, Business Services, Entertainment Studies, Building and Construction, Software Design and Development and Hospitality - and more.

There are many new Vocational Education and Training coursesavailable as part of the HSC which earn students nationally recognised industry qualifications. Each of the senior secondary campuses in the diocese offer vocational studies to students. Not only does this form of training encourage students to remain at school until year 12, but it allows them to enter into a school based traineeship or apprenticeship while at school. This can result in students achieving dual accreditation, i.e. HSC and a Certificate II at school and subsequently making them highly competitive and employable from an early age. Click here to find out more.