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Working in Catholic education offers a career path with vast possibilities. Whether you are office or school-based, or looking for a management or leadership role, you will be part of a team committed to providing students with the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

It's not a requirement to be a Catholic to work with the Catholic Schools Officeif you are not required to teach religion.We expect that you are able toarticulate a clear understanding of and a personal commitment to Catholic Education and to actively support the Catholic ethos and culture of the school.

Senioror executive positions in our schools are required to have a Parish Priestreference.

Leader of Learning Religion also requires a Parish Priest reference.

All employees are required to make a commitment to work alongside the Parish in which their school is situated.This relationship commences through the recruitment process by a conversation with the parish leader.

You will also be required to participate in formation throughout your employment. Please see the Work,Teach and Lead document for further informationhere.

Formation is part of the accreditation process which assistsyou to understand thenature and purpose of the Catholic school,theirvision and mission.

All staff of Catholic schools participate in ongoing formationas part of the natural rhythm of school life.

’s not a requirement for applicants to be registered with the Catholic Schools Office to apply for positions. If you are selected as the preferredcandidate,you will thenbe provided with an application pack to register.

To be considered toteach casually with the Catholic Schools Officeits required that you:

  • Obtainateacher accreditation with NESA;
  • Hold a valid employee WorkingwithChildren Check;
  • Are in your final year of study of an accredited undergraduate or graduate entry teaching degree, with twenty (20) practical days recorded;
  • Appropriately trained in Anaphylaxis.

We encourage new graduates to apply for positions.If you have just completed your studies and you are successful as the preferred candidate for a position, youare expected to provide your official transcript within 1 term of commencement.

AStatement of Service is theofficialrecord of your teaching service provided by arecognisedschool.This document providesus with the necessary information neededto determine your classification as a teacher under our Enterprise Agreement.

Statement(s) of Service must be provided within a term of commencement. Statementsare required to showthe following:

  1. a)Commencement dates and Termination dates (DD/MM/YYYY)
  2. b) Whether service was Full Time/Part Time or Casual
  3. c) For Part Time or Casual details of hours/days worked
  4. d) If any Leave Without Pay taken, details on the number of days without pay

All identification and qualifications provided to the Catholic Schools Office as part ofyour employmentarerequired to be certified by a Justice of Peace.

IntheCatholic Schools Office, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle you can work across Primary and Secondary schools regardless of your qualified area on a casual basis ONLY.

’srecommended that you clearly addresseach ofthe essential criteriaand write your responses using the STAR Method (Situation, Task, Action, Result).Please stick to a maximum of 3 Pages.

Yes, as of the 2022 teaching year, there will be financial incentives for each year worked at the school and an automatic transfer afterthe 5thyear.You can find the policy using this link